Should social media platforms be officially regulated?

(Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash) I’m talking about potentially regulating the content accessible through sites like Facebook or Twitter. There is an impossibly vast quantity of data available on the internet, to the extent that a person can, in one day, consume information equivalent to the lifetime consumption of an average person 500 years ago. Naturally, understanding... Continue Reading →

Wandering the British Isles

Today, I fancied a change of pace from the explosive misery of current affairs. This summer, whilst attempting to plan a holiday amidst all the chaos, I realised an unprecedented (who else enjoyed the overuse of that word?) opportunity had arisen to explore my own country. Contemplating a typical escape to the Greek Mediterranean was... Continue Reading →

Michelle Bachelet: An inspirational leader

The first female Chilean President. The first female South American President to assume her office independent of her husband’s political responsibility. The first Chilean President to serve two terms since 1990, and the first to be legitimately elected in both terms since 1932. Michelle Bachelet (full name Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria) boasts a remarkable political... Continue Reading →

Why are people so gullible?

You know, it’s written on the ceiling of every Year Five classroom. Yet, full adults still seem completely susceptible to absorbing misinformation and adopting a gamut of strange and poisonous attitudes as fed to them. All too often this relates to our human tendency to believe information exactly as it is presented, unchallenged, subsequently adapting... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump and his popularist supporters represent a threat to global democracy and the decency of humankind.

America, always lovingly polarised by its competing melting pot of vastly different ideologies, once again faces a crucial election, with democracy at stake. ‘Land of the free’ has always meant ‘freedom to discriminate without responsibility’, plaguing their nation and attracting violent extremism, prejudice, and distinct aversion to compromise. Once again, the world now gives half-attention... Continue Reading →

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