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Wandering the British Isles

Today, I fancied a change of pace from the explosive misery of current affairs. This summer, whilst attempting to plan a holiday amidst all the chaos, I realised an unprecedented (who else enjoyed the overuse of that word?) opportunity had arisen to explore my own country. Contemplating a typical escape to the Greek Mediterranean was… Continue Reading →

Why you should try and travel to Namibia

Last month, I regaled you all with my recent travels around Britain, including the Outer Hebrides. Today, I wanted to indulge in the greatest trip of my life. Namibia. I departed as a semi-solo traveller, and took literally thousands of pictures, overwhelmed by the indescribable beauty, but nothing will fully capture the sheer vastness and… Continue Reading →

Living and Scuba Diving in Madagascar: A Frontier Adventure

Last summer, I was lucky enough to explore Madagascar with Frontier, on the small island of Nosy Be. The project primarily involved marine conservation, though I also participated in their forest rejuvenation scheme, all whilst fully immersed in the wonderful environment and culture. Most of my time was spent on a beach camp, the beds… Continue Reading →

My first short stories have been launched! Check them out:

Approaching an intriguing sign alone in the woods, an incredible and devastating discovery is made, with utterly life changing consequences…

Whilst sitting alone, marvelling at the wonder of life, one sudden moment embroils a man in a murderous sequence worryingly close to home…

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