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Welcome to ‘Tom’s Tales of Woe’. Don’t worry, the title’s ironic. We have nothing but fun here.

This is our world. Let’s connect with it.

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A collective home for my many musings. I regularly post a variety of content, which you’re not only welcome to, but actively encouraged to explore. After all, it takes some time to prepare.

I still consider myself new to the art of blogging and writing, though I am considerably more familiar with the latter. Want to know more about me? At various times, I have been a historian, a bartender, a teacher, but always keen to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an author.

In fact, several short stories are currently live, including the Harmless Escapism chronicles, which follow the daring life of Vance Howler, freelance detective extraordinaire.

Here, you can judge a story by the cover. Harmless Escapism is just that – clever, light-hearted fun. Escape your woes with this adventure.

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The Pier

There was a sharp, cutting edge to the air. Icy water caressed the sore, decaying wooden limbs of the pier, which extended out into the bay in a perfect metaphor for human endeavour. So close, eagerly stretching towards those twinkling lights, the sparkling appeal of something better, yet falling short. Here, balanced on the railings,…

The Face in the Mirror

Ever felt that creeping sensation of being watched? Appearances are not what they seem. When a man’s reflection becomes possessed by its own life force, he is compelled to embark upon a journey of discovery, testing the limits of his bravery.

An avid traveller

Amongst other interests, I love travelling, discovering new places, and uncovering more about this incredible planet. Our capacity for human and natural experiences is remarkable. Yes, lockdown has been disappointing.

Vicariously explore the full list of travel destinations, or try these popular posts:

Living and Scuba Diving in Madagascar: A Frontier Adventure

Last summer, I was lucky enough to explore Madagascar with Frontier, on the small island of Nosy Be. The project primarily involved marine conservation, though I also participated in their forest rejuvenation scheme, all whilst fully immersed in the wonderful environment and culture. Most of my time was spent on a beach camp, the beds located…

My solo-travel experience around Namibia

Last month, I regaled you all with my recent travels around Britain, including the Outer Hebrides. Today, I wanted to indulge in the greatest trip of my life. Namibia. I departed as a solo traveller, and took literally thousands of pictures, overwhelmed by the indescribable beauty, but nothing will fully capture the sheer vastness and stunning…

Tented wild camping in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides – how to explore

Why wild camping? If you’re wondering, why wild camping? In a tent? Stay tuned – I promise it redeems itself. As with mainland Scotland, the Outer Hebrides permit wild camping anywhere you might desire (that’s not private or specifically excluded). This generates fantastic opportunities for a truly unforgettable holiday! In the volatile wilderness of the Outer…

Much as I want to be heard, I also want to listen. If you have any thoughts, I’m contactable either through the comment box below, or on Twitter and Instagram. I try to be active on all fronts.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the site!

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