8 destinations on my holiday bucket list

Visions of future holidays

Today, I wanted to write something a little bit different and hopefully fun to explore. With cautious optimism, it’s time to dream a little bit. With the new £5000 fine for attempting to travel out of the UK lurking in the back of my mind, I’m returning to refine my holiday bucket list.

I absolutely love travelling and am harmlessly considering all the places I might venture forth into in these coming months or years.

Realistically, before acting upon any of these desires I will probably wait until the situation is safer, especially given the restrictions imposed by the UK. It’s still possible to wistfully plan in the abstract. As such, for many of them, my ideas haven’t advanced into specifics, but I do have some indication of what might be preferable even when little thought is attached.

There’s no particular order either. Entries were only listed as they came to me.

Anyways, the exciting part – here are the top eight locations on my holiday bucket list:

Tanzania –

Avid followers will be well-acquainted with two of the previous trips I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy on the African continent: Namibia, and Madagascar.

Both were phenomenal and instilled in me a vast respect for the landscape and wildlife. The vivid images and wild stories woven by Wilbur Smith novels have only enhanced this feeling. I have also been to South Africa, for a largely safari-based excursion, which was deeply enriching.

For many of the same reasons, I would love to adventure into Tanzania. There’s such an incredible diversity, and my hope would be volunteering in some capacity, either as a safari intern or in scuba diving the off-shore reefs.

Whilst it would be intensely challenging, I also think attempting to climb Kilimanjaro would be an unbelievable experience.

Tanzania displaying my holiday bucket list
Tanzanian jungle; courtesy of Unsplash

Turkmenistan –

Potentially an unusual selection, it’s a part of the world I’m inadequately familiar with. Turkmenistan is also home to the Darvaza gas crater, commonly nicknamed Gates of Hell. A fire pit ignited above a natural gas chamber in the Karakum desert in 1971, it has burnt continuously ever since.

Though borders are currently closed, it would be an impressive site to witness, whilst the surrounding desert has also been popularised by wild camping, another favourite activity of mine.

For the chance to gaze into the Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan has to be featured on the bucket list.

Turkmenistan displaying my holiday bucket list
Darvaza gas crater at night; courtesy of Unsplash

US road trip –

I specify road trip since, conceptually, that desire is pretty concrete. By sheer land mass alone, the US is immense, and each state represents a unique microcosm within the greater whole. As such, it would be insufficient to visit whilst limited to one area.

Some of the national parks are unparallel in their beauty and the bustling cities colossal in their energy and character. It would be a considerable undertaking, but I do hope to tour the US in its entirety one day.

US road trip displaying holiday bucket list
Oljato-Monument Valley, Arizona; courtesy of Unsplash

Indonesia –

All I know of Indonesia thus far is that it’s an idyllic, tropical paradise. There’s so much of the world I have not yet seen, and I’d love to include Indonesia within my memories.

Hoping to island hop, following in the footsteps of David Attenborough as he navigated one of his first foreign filming expeditions, I can confidently predict this trip would be unforgettable.

Indonesian flag displaying my holiday bucket list
Indonesian flag; Courtesy of Unsplash

Norway –

Everything I see of Norway is spectacularly beautiful. All of the sweeping landscapes, rich blue fjords and sheer cliff faces inspire such majesty I am desperate to tour the various cities. Viewing the Northern Lights in winter would also be an incredible experience.

Isolating Norway perhaps does discredit to the remainder of Scandinavia, which continually prove themselves as some of the best countries to live in permanently. They are all staggeringly attractive, and by all appearances have wonderfully warm and welcoming populations to accommodate your stay.

Norway still deserves special attention. Amidst the various travel pages I follow for inspiration, Norge is one of the best providers of jaw-dropping content on a regular basis.

Argentina/Patagonia –

My body is best adapted to colder weather – even the height of an English summer can prove uncomfortably testing. I have also never been to South America, which is I a goal I would love to achieve, partially to have visited almost every continent (minus the elusive Antarctica).

As such, visiting Argentina and the expanses of Patagonia would be remarkable. Visiting the enormous ice sheet and glacier is immensely appealing.

Anywhere that’s remote and beautiful is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for.

Patagonia, Argentina, displaying my holiday bucket list
Patagonia, Argentina; courtesy of Unsplash

Faroe Islands –

On that same note, I’d also love to explore the untamed wilds of the Faroe Islands. I’ve mentioned my yearning for Norway and other Scandinavian states, and would love to add the Faroe Islands to the list.

Having visited the Outer Hebrides, I can attest to the invigorating power exploring small islands braving the volatile conditions in this region of the world.

I would also feel blessed to experience the community spirit that surely abounds in the small villages scattered about the isles.

Seychelles –  

Last, but certainly not least, another tropical paradise, but one uniquely devoid of any mosquito activity, which has to be considered a bonus. The coral reefs of the Indian Ocean are absolutely phenomenal but, thanks for global warming and coral bleaching, sadly aren’t going to be around forever.

For the chance to view unique species, and bathe in the delight of white sand beaches and turquoise waters, the Seychelles is another addition I would be lucky to enjoy.

Sand and sea can be all I need from a holiday, which is precisely what’s on offer in the Seychelles. It’s more than worthy of making the bucket list.

Seychelles, displaying my holiday bucket list
Stunning Seychelles; courtesy of Unsplash

Thanks for reading! Where are you most looking forward to travelling? If you’re interested in more posts, I regularly write other travel blogs, short stories, and social commentaries, so explore more!

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27 thoughts on “8 destinations on my holiday bucket list

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    1. I very nearly included Japan as well! Norway is spectacular – I recommend checking out their instagram it’s a beautiful aesthetic


      1. I have a feeling they haven’t traditionally been as popular as other destinations, but they’re no less beautiful or incredible!


  1. I loved reading this and see the places you’re interested in visiting! I’d love to go to Indonesia and Noway too – Sri Lanka and Philippines are also top of my list. I can’t wait until we can travel again x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I was able to visit Sri Lanka a few years ago, and took a road trip from Colombo to the East coast, where the beaches are absolutely beautiful. Hopefully we’ll be travelling soon!


    1. I was originally planning to visit Peru last summer with a volunteering group, which sadly fell apart. South America will be amazing to visit


    1. Within the US there are countless places I want to visit – I’d have to try a road trip because I could decide between things like New York City or the Grand Canyon!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Really can’t wait to get to travel safely again! The gas crater in Turkmenistan and Patagonia looks amazing! Adding them to my list. I am still dreaming of visiting Costa Rica and Japan, so hopefully in the next few years! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really hoping to be able to visit Norway soon – the winter cold might even prove too bracing, but I’d love the chance to witness the Northern Lights there

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I live in the US and I absolutely love touring the national parks. Every year my husband and I travel by road to different parks and our goal is to visit them all. I love your list, the Faroe Islands sound intriguing!


  4. This post is great! Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t even aware of some of these places. I keep my fingers crossed that everything is safe again soon, would love to see more posts from you at these places you want to go to 🙂


  5. It’s funny how I have never even heard of some of these places before but I would sure love to visit Norway! I have heard a lot about Norway and I have seen beautiful pictures too so much that I can’t wait to visit Norway. This was a lovely post. I love reading travel posts like this and I found out about some places I have never heard of before haha x!


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