Who am I?

Good question.

Currently, I’m a recent history graduate from the University of Nottingham (ahem with a First ahem) now hoping to develop my love of writing. I started this blog in a moment of extreme egotism, deciding I had something relevant to share with the world.

So, here we are. Still.

Who am I? This is me.

I’m living through the strangest period of my life, both in world events, and as I transition into the ‘real world’. Honestly, I suddenly have no idea what to do with myself.

But here’s something I’m doing – this blog. So, have a little explore, please enjoy my chaos.

What can you expect?

Well, a bit of everything. My original intention was always to simply express myself, to bellow into the great internet void. If anything I wrote happened to interest, intrigue, inspire you, then I guess it’ll be something to show for it all.

More precisely, you can find a collection of short stories, travel blogs, or various contemporary commentaries on the happenings’ of our world.

That’s a bit about me, but who are you? There are several ways to engage with me, if you so desire. Either leave a comment below, which I’ll return ASAP, or dm a message on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!

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