Solo travel adventures


I’m an avid traveller, and particularly enjoy uncovering hidden gems as a solo-explorer. Here, you can find tales from those adventures.

Still torn as to my favourite kind of trip, whether it be an interesting city-break, or adventurous camping in an unexplored wilderness, I’m eager to try it all!

Some innate curiosity has always compelled humans to venture into the unknown. With so many mysterious still as-yet undiscovered, I want to witness as many of our earth’s spectacles as possible.

Love travel too?

A thrilling road trip across the United Kingdom, from Cornwall’s Padstow as far north as Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, thoroughly exploring each site along the way!

Wild camping in a tent in the Outer Hebrides

Need ‘staycation‘ inspiration this summer?

How about tented wild camping in Scotland’s majestic Outer Hebrides? A stunningly unforgettable journey through the untamed island chain not to be missed!

Check out my solo adventures in one of Britain’s underrated gems, forging a path to Ditchling Beacon, and marvelling at the glittering shores off Birling Gap.

Image from climbing Scafell Pike

Tackle the towering Scafell Pike!

Voyage to the summit of Britain’s tallest point, Scafell Pike, in this exhilarating challenge, complete with recommendations for camping in the local area!

Or travel abroad to some exotic locations:

Touring Slovenia: Ljubljana to Lake Bled

Though growing in popularity, Slovenia is an underrated gem, offering a rich variety of activities and stunning landscape! Whilst touring two summers ago, my travel companion and I spent an enjoyable weekend in Ljubljana (Luub-lee-ah-na), before gracing Lake Bled with our presence, first detouring through Skofja Loka and Kranj. This stunning country is remarkably welcoming,…

My solo-travel experience around Namibia

Last month, I regaled you all with my recent travels around Britain, including the Outer Hebrides. Today, I wanted to indulge in the greatest trip of my life. Namibia. I departed as a solo traveller, and took literally thousands of pictures, overwhelmed by the indescribable beauty, but nothing will fully capture the sheer vastness and…

Living and Scuba Diving in Madagascar: A Frontier Adventure

Last summer, I was lucky enough to explore Madagascar with Frontier, on the small island of Nosy Be. The project primarily involved marine conservation, though I also participated in their forest rejuvenation scheme, all whilst fully immersed in the wonderful environment and culture. Most of my time was spent on a beach camp, the beds…

Of course, don’t miss my latest adventure to…

Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Explored

Despite the ongoing travel restrictions, I was recently fortunate enough to visit Costa Rica as a solo traveller. It truly is an incredible country, and perfectly suited to travelling, whatever your holiday type. Costa Rica possesses interesting attractions throughout its varied landscape, another…

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