The Face in the Mirror

Ever felt that creeping sensation of being watched? Appearances are not what they seem. When a man’s reflection becomes possessed by its own life force, he is compelled to embark upon a journey of discovery, testing the limits of his bravery.

The Pier

There was a sharp, cutting edge to the air. Icy water caressed the sore, decaying wooden limbs of the pier, which extended out into the bay in a perfect metaphor for human endeavour. So close, eagerly stretching towards those twinkling lights, the sparkling appeal of something better, yet falling short. Here, balanced on the railings,... Continue Reading →

The Woods

My chest planted in the ground, the sordid stench of damp earth was my entire world. I was deliberately coated in moss and mud, such that, even if trodden on, it would give the impression only of the soggy forest surrounding me. This perfect camouflage was a necessary precaution, but deeply uncomfortable. An infestation of... Continue Reading →

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